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Phenomenal Vinyl™ is one of the best film-wrapping and car styling companies in the world, a position we’ve gained since 2010. Phenomenal Vinyl™ works with high-quality materials which are developed for high-end car wrapping and also other special applications. See our services page for ideas on how we can help you.

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  • Matthew WolynskiThe Phenom
    Matthew Wolynski
    The Phenom
    Owner and Creator | Certified Platinum Trainer/Installer for Hexis Worldwide

    Matthew isn’t just a wrapper he is a car enthusiast at heart. Everything started from his driveway at the young age of 20 for a College project. Currently he is running a very successful and prodigious business within both the Wrap and Car Industry. He is one of 3 Platinum Certified Trainers for Hexis France; his job is to teach others how to vinyl wrap with the “Hexis” material the right way.

  • Brett PritchardSirWrapper
    Brett Pritchard
    Shop Manager | Hexis Certified Gold Installer

    Brett Pritchard came to Phenomenal Vinyl all the way from Arkansas to help create Phenomenal Vinyl into what it is today. He has prospered with the company for over 4 years and created a life in New York. Currently he is the President of Long Island Wranglers, a Jeep Forum that helps the community and just has fun doing it. Like Matt, Brett is an enthusiast; it shows in our passion for what we do.

  • Taylor RobinsonI Take Pictures
    Taylor Robinson
    I Take Pictures
    Photographer & Social Media Manager

    Taylor is our creative eye aka “he takes pictures”. When you see some crazy shots or see some of the close up details it’s all through his lens. With photography Taylor takes his passion into play and makes your dreams a reality. On the weekends he does private shoots and even wedding photography. Be sure to contact us directly for outside shots as he is a freelance photographer on the side!

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