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The New York International Auto Show……yes this was just as awesome for me as it is for you.  As a child everyone who loved cars went or attended the show at least.  When growing up in NY it’s one of those events you just have to go to.  This past year we attended with Phenomenal Vinyl X Impressive Autobody X Endlessshine Detailing!  We were doing live demos for wrapping and Ceramic Pro as well.  Our entire team was there throughout the week and we really made an impact.  At points we actually shut down the hallway and no one could walk through just because we had so many people watching.

Chrome…..have you ever seen so much put on a car and taken just taken off the next day? Well we haven’t so we would like to give a big thanks to Arlon Automotive for providing us with some badass colors.  Some of these colors included the Gold Chrome, Copper Chrome, Matte Copper and even the Regular Chrome as well.  These films really set the wild designs Matt was doing, from your average wrap.  Plus let’s be honest we all know no one wants to use chrome LIVE hahaa.   It was such a great success that we will be getting a way bigger booth next year so stay tuned!

Matthew Wolynski
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