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This Volkswagon Jetta TSI was brought to us right after it was purchased.  The nice part about doing this is that the wrap will protect the vehicle right from the start.  The entire car was wrapped in Avery Silver which was laminated in Gold Starlight from KPMF.  This laminate gave this color a whole new look, it was now a bit flashier and way more sparkly in the sun.  When the sun hits the car the gold truely pops and really shows the true color.  Thankfully this customer chose the option to protect the front bumper with Suntek Paint Protection Film as well as on the headlights.  This ensures that the vinyl on the front end will always stay protected. To go a bit further we coated the car in the new Gloss It 9H Ceramic Coating which will ensure the entire wrap will last for the time of its duration.  This product really helps maintain the wraps a lot easier and it makes it look and feel so smooth.  If you have any questions on coating or details please contact us at


What was done to the vehicle…


Full Wrap – Avery Gloss Metallic Quick Silver with KPMF Gold Starlight on top

Tinted Windows 35% LifeTime Warranty

Tinted Taillights with Reverse Cutout

Suntek Paint Protection Film on the Front Bumper

Xpel Paint Protection on the Headlights

Gloss It Ceramic Coating on Entire Vehicle

Ceramic Pro on the Interior


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