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Our trip to Cali for the New Avery Dennison/Giovanna Edition Color Release!!  Paint Is Dead… It’s not just a network of installers it’s a family.  We were all asked to participate in this Avery Release through Giovanna Wheels.  Diko, the owner of Giovanna Wheels asked for the best of the best.  So Paint Is Dead gave that to him by all of us traveling to Cali to work on all these cars for 4 days! YES 4 days!!! We wrapped everything you see here in 4 days! Normally this would never happen but when you team up so many great people together anything is possible.

Mclaren P1 – Knifeless “Tron” Theme with a twist – Matte Metallic Grigio

Porsche 918 – Lime Green Stripe and Accents

Lamborghini Huracan – Full Wrap in Avery Satin Pearl Nero

Maserati Ghibli – Full Wrap in Matte Metallic Grigio

Bentley Continental GT – Full Wrap in Avery Satin Pearl Nero

Porsche GT3 – 2 Tone in Satin Pearl Cielo Blu and Satin Pearl Nero with Wrapped Lips on the Giovanna Rims

Ferrari 458 – 2 Tone Matte Metallic Grigio Top

2015 S550 – Satin Black Trim / Chrome Delete

All of this would never have been possible without everyone involved.  When you work as a team anything is possible! Special thanks to the PaintIsDead Team as well as Diko at Giovanna Wheels and Avery Dennison for making some badass colors! Stay tuned to see what we have for you in the upcoming months!




4W4A2041-Edit 4W4A2000-Edit-Edit 4W4A2036-Edit 4W4A1438-Edit 4W4A1464-Edit 4W4A1461-Edit 4W4A1450 4W4A2028-Edit 4W4A2169-Edit-Edit 4W4A2164 4W4A2140 4W4A2117 4W4A2115 4W4A2111 4W4A2093 4W4A2085 4W4A2091 4W4A1996 4W4A1932 4W4A1940 4W4A1934 4W4A1921 4W4A1842 4W4A1793 4W4A1811 4W4A1749 4W4A1686 4W4A1685 4W4A1432 4W4A1486 4W4A1482 4W4A1652 4W4A1648 4W4A1688 4W4A1718 4W4A1812 4W4A1856 4W4A1899 4W4A1766 4W4A1656 4W4A1413

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