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Working on exotic cars such as the McLaren MP4-12C can be extremely difficult, and very stressful at times. However, the hard work is worth the reward – the end product. This McLaren came in for a full wrap in Avery Matte Grigio Gray.  We went a step further and wrapped the entire door jambs. While taking your time with any wrap is essential, with door jambs it is even more important. You have to be so critical and meticulous with them so they don’t bubble or peel because it is very easy for them to do so when stretched the wrong way.These jambs have very hard lines and curves that need to be taken care of properly. Overall we loved the outcome of this wrap; the material makes the vehicle look much more aggressive, and really makes the body lines pop.  Once we were finished we Coated the car in Ceramic Pro to help maintain the wrap and protect it a bit more from the elements.  Lastly this vehicle has some carbon fiber parts that we covered in Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film.  This made sure that these expensive add on gets protected by rock chips and anything this car can throw at it!  Maybe soon you will see this beast on the road, if you do be sure to tag us!!

McLaren Before-4 McLaren Before-5 McLaren Before-6 McLaren Before-7 McLaren Before-8 McLaren Before Door Jam Details-2 McLaren MP4-12C-2 McLaren MP4-12C-3 McLaren MP4-12C-4 McLaren MP4-12C-5 McLaren MP4-12C-6 McLaren MP4-12C-7 McLaren MP4-12C-8 McLaren MP4-12C-9 McLaren MP4-12C-10 McLaren MP4-12C-11 McLaren MP4-12C-12 McLaren MP4-12C-13 McLaren MP4-12C-14 McLaren MP4-12C-15 McLaren MP4-12C-16 McLaren MP4-12C-17 McLaren MP4-12C-18 McLaren MP4-12C-19 McLaren MP4-12C-20 McLaren MP4-12C McLaren Progress-2 McLaren Progress-4 Nick Cutting-2

Matthew Wolynski
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