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Whether you just picked up a new car or are in the market for a different set of wheels, we have what you’re  looking for! With some of the best wheels in the automotive industry, we have a huge selection to choose from. Car, truck, crossover, no matter what you drive there is a set of wheels for you. Not only do we sell wheels from the leading wheel manufacturers but we offer powder coating services to give you unlimited options for wheel color and finish! Along with changing the color of your wheels, they get refinished so they look brand new in their new color!

Wheels For Sale-2Here are a few wheels we have in our showroom! From wheel companies like Rotiform, Fuel Offroad Wheels, Niche Road Wheels, Giovanna Wheels, Foose, US MAG and Dub we have exactly what you are looking for.

CrossTour Niche Road Wheels Textured

CrossTour Niche Road Wheels Textured-2These Niche Road Wheels were powder coated with a textured finish for a very unique look! Just a small example of the possibilities of powder coating!

Gloss Black Wheels-2Gloss black is a very popular color choice for powder coating! It goes with every single color and always substantially changes the overall aesthetic of the vehicle!

Wheels For Sale-1Fuel WheelsInterested in new wheels for your truck? Fuel Offroad Wheels is one of the leading manufactures for trucks lifted or not! James Tech Niche Wheels-3

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