Another big year for us at SEMA 2015 in Las Vegas! This time we were invited to wrap a 1970 Cuda live for an episode of Chop Cut Rebuild at the AMD (Auto Metal Direct) Booth. The Phenomenal Vinyl team along side some of the industies best from around the world including John Duever, Joffrey Van Der Jagt and John from Incognito Wraps took this project on with a design already in mind. Using Avery Dennison materials and Wrap Gloves in hand, the team started installing! Below is the full gallery of photos from the wrap in progress as well as finished photos inside and out! Stay tuned for more from the Phenomenal Vinyl team at SEMA 2015.

SEMA 2015-83 SEMA 2015-84 SEMA 2015-85 SEMA 2015-86 SEMA 2015-87 SEMA 2015-88 SEMA 2015-89 SEMA 2015-90 SEMA 2015-91 SEMA 2015-92 SEMA 2015-93 SEMA 2015-94 SEMA 2015-95

SEMA 2015-23 SEMA 2015-25 SEMA 2015-24 SEMA 2015-27 SEMA 2015-26 SEMA 2015-28 SEMA 2015-29 SEMA 2015-31 SEMA 2015-30 SEMA 2015-32 SEMA 2015-34 SEMA 2015-33 SEMA 2015-35 SEMA 2015-37 SEMA 2015-36 SEMA 2015-38 SEMA 2015-40 SEMA 2015-39 SEMA 2015-41 SEMA 2015-42 SEMA 2015-43 SEMA 2015-45 SEMA 2015-44 SEMA 2015-46 SEMA 2015-48



Matthew Wolynski
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