Car Wrapping

A paint wrap differs from a graphic wrap in that it represents a paint job to the closest extent possible. Most wraps don’t involve disassembly but when doing a paint wrap not only is there a 5 step cleaning process but there is a full disassembly of the vehicle. This ensures that you will have every edge and corner wrapped to perfection. Jambs are normally not included as our lines are so fine it is hardly noticeable.

Commercial & Fleet Wrapping

Designing a commercial vehicle wrap is one of our specialties. These rolling automotive advertising designs let you rule the road, grabbing the attention of other motorists with graphics displaying details, such as your logo, website, and phone number. Our in-house designers work with you and your brand to create a vehicle that looks presentable & professional.

Custom Wrapping

At Phenomenal Vinyl we don’t just wrap cars. We wrap Interior Panels, Bars, Stained Glass, Walls, wherever you need a wrap on we can make it happen. With textured fabrics and Carbon Fiber you can achieve many different looks. If here is something specific we can always create a printed design to your liking as well.

Paint Protection

Paint Protection Products protect the leading edge of your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane paint protection film. This foil helps bumpers, front parts, thresholds, lights, edging and other parts of car body parts from damage. It is suitable for private and company cars, race cars, replacement cars, taxis, rental cars etc. All cars which are extremely exert. This type of foil has many ways to be utilized.

Authorized Wheel Distributor

Authorized MHT Wheels Distributor / Niche / Fuel Off Road

Are your stock wheels just not enough? Bigger, wider, more aggressive, we have it all. Weather it’s a truck or an exotic vehicle we can provide you with the aftermarket wheel of your choice. For more information on which brands we offer please contact us directly!

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction in North America over 40 years ago. Representing over 15% of the total industrial finishing market, powder is used on a wide array of products. More and more companies specify powder coatings for a high-quality, durable finish, allowing for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance.

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