We Wrap Everything

At PHENOMenal Vinyl we don’t just wrap cars. We wrap Interior Panels, Bars, Stained Glass, Walls, wherever you need a wrap on we can make it happen. With textured fabrics and Carbon Fiber you can achieve many different looks. If there is something specific we can always create a printed design to your liking as well.

Interior Upgrades

The interior films used are easily removed again without leaving any residue or damage to the vehicle and offer you a perfect surface result in the appearance and color. Cleaning and care, depending on the choice of color, are no problem with our also available products, because the films are wash-street- & weather resistant and can be polished.

Sky is the limit

Have you ever seen a tv stand wrapped in leather; or how about your private bar stools in Carbon Fiber? All of these textures give off an exotic look and really make your friends wonder where you got it from. With a wild imagination annoying is possible. Ask about our Silver Brushed Steel to match all your home appliances. Let us know how we can make your home or office phenomenal.

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We're busy wrapping right now, however feel free to send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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