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The Alpha 10 AMS Dry Carbon Fiber GTR is a one of a kind piece of art.  This beast was not only built to about 1000hp, but it has a custom made Dry Carbon Fiber Kit.  This kit is not a wrap but a hand built masterpiece from Japan.  We wrapped the painted areas in 3M Matte Dark Grey to go with the Carbon Fiber.  We were asked to make the door jambs match the wrap as well.  This beast of a car really looks Phenomenal now that the wrap gave it the true “SINISTER” look.  After all was said and done with the wrap the entire vehicle was coated with Ceramic Pro.  All of the CArbon Fiber parts were coated with Ceramic Pro Strong, which is equivalent to 40 coats of the Ceramic Pro 9H.  This will protect the car from swirls and the elements giving it that everlasting finish we all look for.  At Phenomenal Vinyl we try to make a masterpiece, and this is truly that.  See more as we unfold the new shop into the “Doctor’s Office” we have always dreamed of.

Carbon GTR Before Carbon GTR Before-2 Carbon GTR Before-3 Carbon GTR Before-4 Carbon GTR Strobed Carbon GTR Carbon GTR-2 Carbon GTR-3 Carbon GTR-4 Carbon GTR-5 Carbon GTR-7 Carbon GTR-8 Carbon GTR-9 Carbon GTR-10 Carbon GTR-11 Carbon GTR-12 Carbon GTR-13

Matthew Wolynski
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