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Another new color for the PHENOMenal Vinyl GTR!  For this color we took our Hexis Deep Black and laminated it with the Pacific Blue Starlight From KPMF.  The color has blown away any of our prior expectations. It is so beautiful and really pops in the sun as well as every other lighting.


This was our first time using the KPMF laminates and we hadn’t heard much.  The first time we saw it was at PG Nola’s shop in New Orleans!  At his lab they like to experiment with many different color choices and designs.  Kevin motivated me to give it a try. We are glad we did and the result was truly Phenomenal! Check out some of the pictures and stay tuned to see the rest of this car come together!  It is currently dropped on KW Coilovers and waiting on some Giovanna Wheels!

KPMF Green Purple Laminate

This GTR was created to be a wild color combo for Raphael from Sting HD.  We took Gloss Grey Hexis and laminated it with the Blue Pearl laminate from KPMF.  The color combo turned out great with his ADV1 Wheels that we powder coated to match! Tell us what color combos you want us to make next!

KPMF Blue Gray GTR Photoshoot

KPMF Blue Gray GTR Rolling Shots

The best part is it never looks the same! Every different angle, and lighting conditions change the color drastically. From inside, to outside, from day to night it’s always a different color but never strays from the base colors. For example the underlying grey with blue KPMF laminate on top will always be some shade of blue/gray but never one nor the other all at once. Each body line and curve changes the color from one to the next its pretty incredible!

Gas Cap Color Shift

KPMF Green Purple Laminate-4

Back Quarter-3


KPMF Blue Gray GTR Photoshoot-3

These are some of the first shots outside with Matt’s (@the_phenom_gtr) car outside. As you can see from the progress shots to these overall shots, its completely different! The sun in the background to the sun in front of the car you never know what color it will be next!

GTR Beach Shoot-4

KPMF Green Purple Laminate-3

KPMF Blue Gray GTR Details-9

KPMF Blue Gray GTR Details-2

Back Quarter

GTR Beach Shoot-2

Matt Cutting Fender

GTR Beach Shoot-3

Back Quarter-2

When all was said and done we were pretty blown away by what can be done with different base colors and laminates on top. The options have become endless with this new material! We would love to hear YOUR feedback on the new laminates and color combinations. What color combinations would you like to see?

Matthew Wolynski
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